campers smiling for the camera at Canadian Adventure Camp

What our campers and parents say

Who is better to learn about Canadian Adventure Camp from than campers and families who have experienced a summer at CAC?! Read what they have to say about their time on Adventure Island...

What Our Families are saying

  • Great first experience from both our sons who loved it... and want to come back. The level of Gymnastic/trampoline program and installation were great. Amazing attention to detail from all the staff and management.
    Vincent, Parent
  • Stories were all about how much our daughter loved her cabin life & counsellor.
    Will, Parent
  • I was really glad to see my son's experience in CAC was, in his own words "the best experience of my life". He made several new friends with which he keeps contact, and he really liked the Water-Skiing Specialty Program.
    Reynaldo, Parent
  • Best camp ever. Been there as a camper 30 years ago. Now my three daughters are going to CAC and they have a lot of fun. Wonderful staff, great activities. The best way to give confidence to your child.
    Renaud, Parent
  • As much as I consider my daughter independent and self confident, part of this is probably a contribution to her many years at CAC. The camp allows her to totally be herself without judgement or needing to keep up with the "Jones'". She loves being active in sports and CAC keeps her happy doing all the things she loves to do, not what she is forced to do. The friendships she has made with campers and mainly many staff have formed who she is and is one of her favorite things about each summer. The administration at CAC and communications from camp are top notch. CAC keep doing what you do best. It is a camp with no pretension, and amazingly simple fun and adventure for their campers. Thank you for so many years of the best experience any child/teen could have for their summer.
    Elise, Parent
  • Our daughter loves going to camp. It is an amazing experience for her. It is an opportunity for her to truly be herself, meet friends from all over the world and to be completely unplugged. She comes home with many stories to be told throughout the year. Thank you!
    Kristina, Parent
  • The trees and Lake Temagami create a marvellous summertime backdrop for the kids to learn about each other and about themselves. The adult staff that live with the children is a bonus that is uncommon for most camps. We will be returning next summer!
    Peter, Parent
  • Lots of activities and fun for my daughter. She improves a lot in self-confidence, self-esteem, and English. Flying so far from home at 10 was a challenge for her and she succeeded thanks to a great staff, a perfect organization and wonderful mindset. She already enrolled for next summer!
    Burlaud, Parent
  • Very comprehensive for helping our son to communicate freely regardless of the language learning process. Keep up the great work!
    Jean, Parent
  • Excellent facilities. More importantly, excellent staff. An excellent experience for our kids in many respects ... active, outdoors, social and fun. The cost has always been a significant consideration for us, but in the end, it has been most worthwhile.
    Mark, Parent
  • Julien was so happy with his 2 weeks at CAC that we are sending him back but this time 4 weeks next July. Julien really improved his English while meeting great people coming from all over the world and doing a lot of sports which is found off.
    Lea, Parent
  • My 2 kids talk about CAC all year long. They LOVE it. Amazing place!!
    David, Parent
  • CAC has allowed our daughter to gain independence and has helped her find the joy and excitement of stepping outside of her comfort zone.
    Victoria, Parent
  • Sofia's experience with CAC is entirely unique. We could not get this anywhere else! She has all the benefits of a specialty camp (highly trained and specialized instructors) and a general camp (gets to experience a variety of programming, like arts and crafts and water skiing) in the same place.
    Inga, Parent
  • Truly excellent experience. Our kids love CAC for the specialized activities, meeting new friends and just getting out in the wilderness. They love the staff, love the food and enduring friendships. Would never think of sending them somewhere else. Keep up the great work!
    David, Parent
  • CAC is an amazing camp with caring staff. The experience my son has had the past 3 years at this camp speaks for itself. His self esteem and confidence grow every summer. He loves camp, calls CAC his second home and counts down for the next summer to start as soon as he gets off the bus. Thank you CAC I cannot say enough good things about your camp. Looking forward to next summer already!
    Jane, Parent
  • I cannot say enough about this camp! My son said it was one of the best experiences he has ever had. He returned home with a confidence, energy, and excitement that I have not seen in a long time. The only drawback was that he was sad when it was all over and had to adjust to his regular routine upon his return!! He loved being disconnected from technology and said that he was kept so busy and engaged he did not miss anything about his phone!! We would recommend this camp to anyone and thank you for providing a life changing experience for our son!
    Karen, Parent
  • My daughter enjoyed her 2 weeks at CAC this summer and is wishing to go back for 4 weeks next summer. It is wonderful to hear about all the fun experiences she had and how she misses all the campers dearly. I am very pleased she had this opportunity and look forward to listening to many more years of upcoming camp stories. Great work CAC in continuing to provide positive life experiences in shaping our children to become well grounded individuals
    Alice, Parent
  • The girls were incredibly happy with the camp and are eager to return!
    Linda, Parent
  • CAC is an incredibly special camp where my daughter can be herself in a supportive and caring environment. She has truly found a second home (which she prefers!) there. Thank you for another amazing summer.
    Jo-Anne, Parent

What Our Campers are saying...

  • All year round I wish I was there, yet it is only when I see the island slowly disappearing as the boat goes away, with our friends waving goodbye, that I always truly realise how important it is to me. Thank you for making my summers amazing.
    Lily, camper (14)
  • There are specialty programs if you want to focus your camp experience on certain things such as gymnastics, trampoline, silks, and water skiing. If you prefer to get a bit of everything you can sign up to be a general camper and get to choose what you do the whole day yourself! There are plenty of fun, non water related activities such as archery, gyro, and different kinds of sports if you prefer to stay dry. There are also lots of water activities ranging from water trampoline and slide all the way to barefooting behind and epic boat! Camp is one of the biggest highlights of my summer every year and my life would not be the same without it!
    Denis, camper (14)
  • CAC is my second home, have been coming for 7 years and plan to keep coming! The staff has always been there for me, and I think of them almost like a family! I cannot imagine my life without CAC! They have made me the person I am today!
    Laura, camper (16)
  • I wanted something new before my last few years of high school and I am forever grateful that I found CAC. It is the upmost welcoming community. Their organization shocked me as well as how they balance structure and freedom/fun. I met unforgettable people who act as role models for me and discovered things about myself that I do not believe I would have acknowledged had I not got to CAC. Canadian Adventure Camp holds a special place in my heart.
    Gracey, camper (16)
  • Canadian Adventure Camp is the best place you could go to for the summer! You make so many lifelong friends with the best staff here to make your time even better.
    Shira, camper (14)
  • Camp has been the single greatest factor and experience in my life. I have met my best friends here. I cannot think of a single thing that would be better than spending my summer at CAC.
    Jesse, camper (16)
  • I love camp so much and love everyone who made camp amazing especially all the staff and I hope everyone returns.
    Joey, camper (11)
  • I love camp! It is like my second home! In my first year, I was homesick, but my counsellor and the staff really helped me forget about it. Camp is like a little community where everyone is always is living in the moment because nobody knows what has happened in the last year and yet you never feel a disconnect after you have not seen each other in a year. Plus, you get to learn about cultures from different countries since there are international campers! I would not be the extroverted and independent person I am today if I did not go to camp!
    Laura, camper (15)
  • It was perfect. Camp allowed me to try water skiing for the first time.
    Izzy, camper (11)
  • I went to CAC this summer and I knew nobody but once you get there you make so many new friends and the counsellors are amazing. There are also lots of new activities to try!
    Hailey, camper (11)
  • You learn how to socialise and make friends in a short amount of time; we also have amazing counsellors that make sure you have the best camp experience. You make friends so fast and so easily, it is unreal. You meet people younger older, both boys and girls, and they become from strangers all over the world to best friends. I fell in love with the campers, counsellors and of course the wonderful island.
    Lily, camper (14)
  • My favourite specialty coaches were Keeley, Quinne, Jordan and Gaby because they always make camp a fun environment and they are great teachers.
    Bianca, camper (14)