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About this Guide

We are pleased to present the Canadian Adventure Camp Family Guide for the Summer of 2024 - our 50th Great Summer Season!

The Family Guide contains all relevant information for your camper’s upcoming stay at CAC, in a handy printable format.

1. First Steps

letter writing activity for campers at Canadian Adventure Camp

Mandatory Forms

Submit them as soon as possible!

By completing all of the mandatory Camper Forms and providing us with all of the right information, your camper is sure to have a memorable and rewarding summer at CAC.

There are three separate forms required:

  1. Medical Form
  2. Transportation Form
  3. Camper Information Form

You can submit the forms online, or contact us at our office.

2. Preparations

staff writing awards sheet at an activity with camper


All medications must be handed in to our professionals at the Medical Centre upon arrival at camp.

These will be collected by counselors from campers, whilst unpacking, before going to the Dining Hall for the first meal.

It is important that all medication is clearly labeled with the camper’s name.

Further information with reasons for medication and instructions for usage should be included, if not already submitted on the completed Health Form.

Asthma inhalers and Epipens

Camper's own inhalers and epipens will be readily available to them at all times

cabin group photo with counsellor playing guitar and campers covering their ears


please check your camper(s) for head lice 48 hours prior to arrival

We encourage all parents to please check your camper(s) for head lice 48 hours prior to arrival, and notify the camp if lice/nits were found and/or recent treatment has been given.

Campers will be checked by knowledgeable camp staff upon their arrival to the island.

If any are found, the camper will immediately be treated on-site. You will be notified of treatment and if added cost is necessary.

camper swimming in the lake at Canadian Adventure Camp


We take steps to encourage good hygiene and prevent the spreading of unwanted germs.

  • there are numerous hand sanitizer dispensers and soaps around camp;
  • our dining hall is thoroughly cleaned after each meal.
camper and staff smiling together in the sunshine at Canadian Adventure Camp

Sun Safety

Sunscreen dispensers can be found in a number of activity areas around the camp.

Campers are encouraged to wear sunscreen and a hat when outdoors and stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Packing

Packing List

Important Note on packing

No trunks, suitcases or goalie bags please!

Camper's belongings should be packed in soft dunnage or medium hockey bags.

4. Transportation


Travel by Bus

the best way to get to camp is on one of the private camp buses from Toronto

It’s about the journey as much as it is the destination - camp begins as soon as you get on the bus!

Our camp buses are equipped with a washroom and media players and operate from Toronto directly to our access dock in Temagami.

Bus Fees:

  • Round Trip: $240 +tax
  • One Way: $165 +tax
entry sign at camp festival campchella

Bus Details

Pickup Locations and Schedule

Toronto pickup location: Home Depot Yorkdale, Highway 401 & Dufferin St 90 Billy Bishop Way (the North Side of Highway 401 across from Yorkdale Shopping Centre)

Pick-ups are also available in Huntsville, where the bus stops for a Wendy’s lunch (155 Howland Dr).

To Camp (opening Mondays):

  • Leave Toronto: 10 am
  • Lunch stop in Huntsville: 12:15 pm**

From Camp (closing Sundays):

  • Lunch stop in Huntsville: 12.15 pm**
  • Arrive in Toronto: 4 pm (subject to traffic!)

** Please note that campers will require lunch money for the trip to camp. We will ensure campers have enough money for lunch on the trip home

group of campers and lifeguard smiling and waving on a boat

Travel by Car

Some families, especially from points north, east, or west of camp, find it more convenient to drive to our dock in Temagami.

Campers arriving by car must be at the Lake Temagami Access Road (Manito) dock on opening Mondays by 3.30 pm.

Campers traveling home by car must be picked up at 9.15 am, on closing Sundays.

Camper Drop-off location: Lake Temagami Access Road, Manito Dock (Turn-off West off Trans-Canada Highway 11, approx. 3km South of Temagami, and travel to the end of the road, past Boatline Bay Marine).

5. Camp Contact

staff and campers at the beach waving at the camera

Contact Before Camp

Regular messages concerning your camper or other camp business should be made to the Richmond Hill office during regular working hours, until mid-June, when the staff moves to Adventure Island for the summer. You can expect to hear from us with regular email blasts packed with useful information as we build up to the start of camp.

Payment Schedule

  • April 1st: Balance of all camp fees including tax, tuck deposits and any additional transportation fees.
campers and staff having lunch

Contact During Summer

If you need to contact us at camp, we can be reached via email or our Temagami office phone number. Another effective communication method is email.

We are often out and about, working with our campers, so there is an answering machine to cover times when we're unable to reach the phone. Be sure to leave your name, number, and the best time to contact you and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

When you can expect to hear from us:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Medical Update (non-emergency)
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Tuck Account Top-Up Request
staff and cmapers on a canoe, on Lake Temagami


Stay in touch with your camper

Stay in touch with your camper this summer with CACmail.

Canadian Adventure Camp makes it easy for you to send and receive messages - you can communicate and receive handwritten responses directly from your camper and they can receive emails directly from you.