four campers on the dock smiling at the camera at Canadian Adventure Camp

What life is like at CAC

We try to capture as many photos as we can at Canadian Adventure Camp so friends and family can see how much fun their campers are having. We regularly upload photos throughout the summer, giving a sense of everything that happens during a session and what a day is like at CAC. Check it out for yourself at our Flickr account!

young camper trying waterskiing for the first time at Canadian Adventure Camp

What is better than a photo?!

A video of course!

Our videos are a glimpse into what spending the summer at Canadian Adventure Camp is all about.

poster for campchella, music festival at Canadian Adventure Camp


CAC's epic musical festival!

For more videos from Adventure Island, visit our Youtube Channel.

What our parents think...

I really love the photo galleries. It is hard to be away from your child, but the second the photo gallery goes up we look through every photo to try and find our camper. It really brings us so much joy each time we see her. Thank you for working so hard with those photos.
Victoria, Parent / Parent