Welcome sign in different languages at Canadian Adventure Camp

Campers from across the globe

Canadian Adventure Camp welcomes children from all over the world

No matter how far the journey, every camper arrives on Adventure Island with an exciting summer camp experience ahead of them. Our warm, nurturing staff, many of whom also come from across the globe, help our international campers quickly settle in at CAC, always going the extra mile to make them feel right at home.

Many of our international campers return summer after summer. They know what it's like to travel to camp from afar and are always a friendly face for our new international campers.

Regardless of what language you speak, at CAC we are fluent in fun and friendship.

What our parents say...

  • Lots of activities and fun for my daughter. She improves a lot in self-confidence, self-esteem, and English. Flying so far from home at 10 was a challenge for her and she succeeded thanks to a great staff, a perfect organization and wonderful mindset. She already enrolled for next summer!
    Burlaud, Parent
  • Julien was so happy with his 2 weeks at CAC that we are sending him back but this time 4 weeks next July. Julien really improved his English while meeting great people coming from all over the world and doing a lot of sports which is found off.
    Lea, Parent

What our campers say...

  • If you have never been to CAC, you probably think that we are exaggerating about how great it is but let me tell you this: I first came to CAC when i was only 9 years old, i did not speak English very well since i am from Québec, now, five years later, i am perfectly bilingual. Two weeks is so short, part of why I come a month, but you just learn so much
    Lily, camper (14)