Travel by Car

Some families, especially from points north, east or west of camp, find it more convenient to drive to our dock in Temagami.


Arrival Time: Monday at 3.30pm

Pick-up Time: Sunday at 9.15am


Campers arriving by car must be at the Lake Temagami Access Road (Manito) dock on opening Mondays by 3.30pm. 

Campers travelling home by car are to be picked up at 9.15am. You can find more information about our Visitors Days and places to stay here should you wish to spend the Saturday night in the area before meeting your camper on the Sunday morning and driving home together.


Driving Directions

Ontario Provincial Highways 11 or 17 will take you to North Bay.  The Town of Temagami is situated on Hwy. 11 at a distance of 98 km north of North Bay. You will pass a prominent C.A.C. billboard on the east side of the highway about 80 km north of North Bay.

Three miles south of Temagami (or 93 km north of North Bay) you will find the Lake Temagami Access Road. A 2nd C.A.C. billboard is visible on the east side of the highway opposite the Access Road.  The Access Road, which at times is rough & dusty, runs west from Hwy. 11 for a distance of 20 km. Travel to the far end of the road, passing Boat Line Bay Marine. Just past the sign “Lake Temagami Access Point” turn right at the fork in the road towards the Manito Landing. Our water craft operate from this point directly to Adventure Island.



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