Ask at Summer Camp


How long is the drive to Camp?

The drive to camp is 4 1/2 hours North from Toronto and 4 1/2 hours Northwest from Ottawa. Click here for Driving Directions.

How big are the cabin groups?

Cabin groups are generally up to 8 campers and a live-in counsellor at least 19 years old.

Can I have a friend stay in my cabin?

Cabins mates are put together based on age but we will do our best to keep friends together.

What is food like at camp?

The food is great! Our Chef and staff, including baker, prepare three meals a day. Meals always include fresh homemade bread, soup, salad and dessert. 
For a sample of our menu click here.

How do I sign up for activities?

Campers sign up for activities the day before. There is a rotating schedule which allows every camper to be first in line for sign up.

What should I bring to camp?

After a camper is enrolled, we send out a package including our Packing List showing everything you need to bring. Click here to see the Packing List.

Is there a Doctor on site?

There is a Doctor and Nurse living at camp and available 24hrs a day.

What happens on my overnight?

Every camper will get the opportunity to go on an overnight with their cabin group. (Weather Permitting). Generally the campers take a short canoe trip to a nearby island and make camp for the night. They learn to cook a meal over a fire and sleep in tents. They return to C.A.C. before lunch the next day. A lot of our campers tell us this is their favourite night!

What are the dates for Visitor's Day?

For the summer of 2019, the Visitor's days will be:
Saturday July 13th
Saturday July 27th
Saturday August 10th
Saturday August 24th

Click here to find more information on our Visitor's Days.

If I'm in a specialty program, how much time do I get to train in it?

Campers in specialty programs get to spend approximately 1/2 of each day in their program. The other half they choose from over 35 activities with other campers.

What are my counsellor's qualifications?

All of our counselling staff must be a minimum age of 19. Most are University or College students. All of our counselling staff has at least a Bronze Cross lifeguarding certification. Most have their NLS.