written on Aug 20, 2016

We’re now in the very last session of our summer camp this year and even though we’re extremely sad that it’s almost over, we’re looking back over the summer with big smiles and a whole lot of love. Those of us obsessed with camp are always longing for the return. But have you ever stopped to consider what makes you the camp addict you are? There are many symptoms of a camp obsessive. So, how do you know when you’re obsessed with camp life?

Fun in The Sun

Well, first of all – summer is your favourite time of year and your favourite season EVER because you get to come back to Adventure Island. And even though you love autumn, spring and winter too, none of them quite match up to the fun and laughter summer brings when you arrive at CAC.

Camp needs to see what I can do

When you learn a new trick back home, whether it be in gymnastics, silks, water-ski or anything else, you cannot wait to get back to camp to show it off. Learning skills in something you love is always amazing, but camp obsessives always feel ridiculously excited to demonstrate, at camp, how much they’ve improved since last summer.

More camp food

Being home is great and cooking for yourself is always nice but you know you’re obsessed with camp life when you try to re-create camp food. As established in our last blog, camp food is incredible. But there are those of us who, even at home, try to recreate the cakes, pastas, soups, salads and much more from the CAC kitchen, just because we love it so much.

Camp life is better than real life

Camp obsessives also find themselves comparing their day-to-day lives the rest of the year, to life at camp. (We know we do!) And when things at school or work are not going the way you wanted it to, you just find yourself thinking ‘well, it’s not like this at camp’. But, let’s be honest, what is?

We <3 the lake

Our favourite view in the world, is the view from Adventure Island out to Lake Temagami. Whatever the time of day, bathed in sunlight, aglow from a burned orange sunset or filled with silver stars, it always takes our breath away. That view will always be the best view in the world, according to us anyway. And you just know you’re obsessed with camp when you feel the same.

Tears, tears and more tears

Some people will never understand the tears you shed when you leave camp. But that’s simply because they’re not a camp addict. And when you cry tears of sadness (that you’re leaving) mingled with tears of joy (that you came at all), you know you’ve got the camp bug. And who wouldn’t cry when they’re about to leave the best place in the world? And the best friends for that matter!

Summer is never enough

And finally, the most important ways to distinguish whether or not you’re a camp obsessive is when one session, two sessions and even three or four sessions are just not enough. You’re always hungry for more camp life and would love to stay there all year around. If you’re obsessed with camp life, don’t forget to comment on our website or Facebook page and tell us all about it!

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world!