written on Sep 02, 2018

As you look back on the past several weeks, we hope that these are just a few of the unique activities that stand out.


This year’s Campchella event showed off the creativity of our campers and staff members. Together, we hosted one of the best music festivals that we’ve ever seen. And everyone loved showing off their dance moves in the Rave Cave.

Our staff got to show off their skills as DJs. And the kids all got a chance to enjoy an acrobatic performance in the Chill Out Lounge. Between all of the tie-dye, flower headbands and random dancing, this was one of our best events yet.


At Canadian Adventure Camp, we’ve never understood why camp food has to be boring. In addition to the healthy and delicious food we serve every day, our campers enjoyed musical lunches that got them all in the mood for an awesome afternoon.

From singing around the table to playing instruments, everyone had a chance to join in on the fun. In fact, our staff reports that we heard quite a bit of singing outside of the dining hours as kids ran off to their activities in high spirits. We can’t help that our favorite camp songs are really quite catchy.


Island life just isn’t…well…island life without some water play. While our lake is rather calm the majority of the summer, our campers still make waves as they pursue their favorite watersports.

Like every year, waterskiing and wakeboarding took center stage, and our campers learned how to perform gravity-defying flips and jumps that left onlookers breathless. Paddle boarding, sailing and tubing are just a few more daily adventures that everyone enjoyed on the gorgeous water.


Sure, clowning around is a normal part of summer camp, but campers took this phrase literally this summer. While the kids at Ski Point were spending the day in their swimsuits, our specialty gymnastics group was literally changing their perspective by hanging upside down.

Our aerial silks and hoops allow campers to learn complicated acrobatic moves that are guaranteed to thrill an audience and even our littlest jumpers loved using our bungee harness to get accustomed to leaving the ground.


When on Lake Temagami, we’ve always taken to heart the concept of go big or go home. Our staff takes the usual summer water activities to extremes that heighten the fun. Our giant lake inflatables give kids the opportunity to bounce and splash in the lake while engaging in spontaneous competitions and we made an epic slip-and-slide this year that rivals any that you could ever see at home.

After a summer on Lake Temagami, the only regret that we have is that the warm season cannot last all year. After all, you just can’t beat waking up to a beautiful lakeside view every morning that inspires you to get up and seek out your next adventure.

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world!