written on Aug 11, 2016

We love all the foods and dishes at Canadian Adventure Camp, of course, but there are a select few that are our favourites and that we relish on a hot day.

And the first food we mention should definitely be popsicles. Other than a delicious dip in the lake, nothing quite cools you down like a sweet and ice-cold popsicle. In all of their fabulous, fruity flavours we never get bored of this sugary snack.

Another food that is simply exquisite on a summer’s day is … wait for it … pizza! Pizza is one of the tastiest treat foods ever. And after a day of activities in the sun, a treat is certainly in order. With deliciously gooey cheese – or without – and whatever topping you like (from veggies to pepperoni) there’s pizza here tailored to everyone. And, let’s face it, everyone deserves a treat sometimes.

Moving onto a healthier option (but still equally yummy) we adore rainbow salad. The bright and colourful mix of leaves and crunchy vegetables matches our lively mood and tastes amazing – despite being so healthy. On a hot and humid day, this is the perfect accompaniment to any meal and the vibrant colours always adds fun to dinnertime.

Sticking with foods that are good for you, the sun always makes us crave fruit. And the fruit at Canadian Adventure Camp is just delicious. From juicy peaches and pears to crunchy apples, zesty oranges, smooth bananas and refreshing melons and watermelons – we’ve got the best mix of everything fruit-wise. As part of breakfast, as a snack or for dessert, fruit is always a good choice here.

Still fruit-related but slightly naughtier, one of our favourite foods ever to have at our fabulous Canadian Summer Camp is banana cake. Our banana cake is absolutely divine, the perfect texture and a flawless blend of banana and sponge, with a sweet buttercream topping. It’s so good, we want the recipe for winter.

So, what else makes our taste buds sing throughout the summer? Well, we love picnic-style food and the BLT’s are a wonderful lunch here on Adventure Island. With freshly baked bread, crispy bacon and crisp lettuce and tomato, these sandwiches are super tasty.

And which other sandwiches are our favourites, you ask? Ice-cream sandwiches, of course. A yummy dessert and a fabulous way to cool down, ice-cream sandwiches definitely make our list of best summer foods for summer camp.

Arguably our favourite food ever to eat on a hot summer’s day is barbeque. Eating outside, in sun or shade, is always lovely on a warm day and our barbequed sausages and burgers (meat or veggie) are delicious. With salads, vegetables and chips too – I’m sure you can tell why we adore barbeque days.

But, obviously, not everyday at camp is brilliantly sunny – although the weather has been awesome so far this year. And therefore, we have many delicious dishes suited to rainy days too. From grilled cheese to Chinese, breakfast burritos to pasta and garlic bread, our summer camp has food worthy of all the little princes and princesses that come here, whatever the weather.

We love the food here and even though these are our favourites, we simply can’t think of a dish we don’t like at Canadian Adventure Camp. So, let’s celebrate the deliciousness and dig in. If you have a favourite meal on Adventure Island, feel free to comment on our website or Facebook page!