written on Jul 16, 2020 by Anna Brady

When it was announced that overnight camps would not be running this summer, a wave of disappointment and sadness came over the CAC family and the whole camp community.

We count down months, weeks, days until we can get back to our favourite island but now we had to wait even longer.

While summer 2020 wasn’t going to be a normal summer, we knew that we had to come together as a family and stay connected.

We knew that we couldn’t wait another year until we did camp activities, had a campfire and made friendship bracelets again.

Canadian Adventure Camp is home to so many people during the summer months. While they couldn’t come home this year, we knew we had to bring their summer home to them.

Internet Island Is Born

We wanted to allow campers to do their favourite activities, learn new ones and feel the magic of CAC, regardless of where they were in the world. We wanted staff to be able to share their energy and passion with campers like they do every summer.

We wanted to take those feelings of disappointment and sadness and turn them into excitement and joy!

Internet Island is run on a weekly basis. Most of the programming we organise can be done independently, in your own time.

We send registered campers a daily email that includes: period of the day, a movement break, a challenge and a bring camp home segment.

Join Us on Zoom!

As well as our daily email, we have 3 live sessions a week as an opportunity to see your camp family.

There are 2 days of Zoom sessions:

# 1 Monday at 7 pm EST (for all age groups)

# 2 Friday at 

  • 10 am EST for 5-10 year olds
  • 11 am EST for 11-13 year olds
  • 12 pm EST for 14+ year olds

We also have one Instagram live on Wednesdays (times vary from week to week).

A True Sense of Family

When we are on Adventure Island, it is a place for everyone to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and live in the present without technology.

While technology is an important part of Internet Island, we aimed to find the right balance of online time and having resources available for at-home fun.

We hope Internet Island is bringing some comfort to those who are missing their summer home.

Seeing campers, their families and our staff getting involved and having fun with our activities shows the true sense of family we have within our CAC community.

It has shown us that no matter how big the challenge, when we come together, we will get through it and be stronger on the other side.

Thank you for joining us for a summer of bringing camp home, we can’t wait to see you for the rest of Internet Island!