written on Oct 08, 2018

Your camp photos, brochures, postcards, collected feathers and flowers, and really anything you have collected, can be organized creatively in one place to remember the warmth of the good times any time.

Digital Scrapbooking

If you want to make a digital scrapbook, there are amazing apps available to help you create unique pages and cards. Afterwards, you can share the designed pages to your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Simply add your camp photos and choose from the elements in the app like stars, bows, emoticons, and text. Most apps offer drag and drop options so that you can edit and design your scrapbook on your phone.

Some of the most well-known digital scrapbooking apps are the following...

  • Digital Scrapbooking App – this app has over 500 elements. Editing photos are made simpler by using drag, drop and zoom options.
  • Pixlr – the impressive free effects, filters, and overlays make this app famous. It instantly turns your mobile phone into a powerful photo editor.
  • Pic Collage – if you want to create great scrapbook pages with your phone, this app is perfect. It has loads of stickers, layouts, and templates that you can use for your photos. You can also add text to your photos with this app.

Traditional Scrapbooking

Kids love to show off their artistic prowess and paste in the memories of the fun-filled days. To create a scrapbook, you can either purchase blank pre-made books which are available in craft stores or, if you love creating something from scratch, you can make your own and buy a ring to bind the pages together. There are pre-designed online materials where you can add your photos and print the pages to add to your collection. You can designate a few pages for your friends’ autographs. Other pages can be details of each summer camp adventure, such as hiking, canoeing, or a stunning photo showing your acquired aerial skills. Add in written memories alongside the photos for a personal touch. You can decorate the borders of each page. Drawing on the borders with colorful pens is one technique, although some uses cut-outs to beautify the page edges. Embellishing each page depends on the theme of the page, too. For instance, if a page is dedicated to your wakeboarding adventures, you can add photos of beautiful Lake Temagami or a pic of your wakeboard.


Scrapbooking is a fun way to preserve wonderful summer camp memories. There are countless ways to decorate the pages, but you might like these fancy ideas by Martha Stewart. Enjoy your memories and treasure them as you eagerly await your next summer camp adventure.

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world!