written on Jan 15, 2018

Before your youngster leaves for camp, make sure they have a journal and pen ready to preserve their favourite memories.

Create a Personalized Journal

Whether they are decorating their cabin or wearing their favorite tie-dyed t-shirt, kids at camp feel free to let their personalities shine. When it comes to journals, this same concept of individuality applies. Encourage your kid to decorate their journal with drawings, stickers and quotes that help remind them of their favorite things. Every time they look at their personalized journal, they will be encouraged to spend some time engaging in self-expression as they write about their adventures.

Record Goals and Achievements

Over the course of a single summer, your son or daughter could learn how to waterski, master an acrobatic flip and help lead a hiking expedition through the forest. These types of achievements should always be celebrated. And they can use their camp journal to set new goals and track their progress. Whether your child is eager to perfect their horseback riding skills or has a goal of finally sticking their back flip, a journal is the ideal place to keep a permanent record of everything they accomplish during the summer.

Start a New Hobby

During the academic year, some kids may decide that writing is not too much fun if all that they do is write essays. Journaling, however, is a completely different type of activity. It allows them to control how often they write and what they write about. After journaling at camp, many kids discover that they enjoy writing. It helps them to relax and reflect upon their day. In fact, keeping a journal sometimes inspires kids to turn their hobby into new adventures such as short story writing that allows them to continue to build upon their new skills.

Do More Than Just Write

A journal can include just about anything kids can imagine. For some, journaling includes doodles and drawings, along with their written words, to further express their experiences. Alternatively, your child may love attaching photos of summer adventures and adding notations as they would in a scrapbook. Either way, each new page represents another opportunity for them to express their creativity.

Enjoy a Walk Down Memory Lane

Once the summer is done, kids love keeping their journals to look back at their favorite memories. Whether they share an entry with their family about their favorite day at camp or use the journal to boost their confidence before a big competition, the journal becomes more meaningful over time. Often, summer camp alumni have an entire row of journals lining their shelves. They know that reading a new page will bring a smile to their face every time.

Kids create so many wonderful memories over the summer. It’s important to get them all down on paper. This year help your camper set up a schedule for journaling so they can record their favorite memories to look back on when the season is finished.

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world!