written on Apr 24, 2020

Spending so much time at home has a few perks. There’s more time to spend with your family, and you get to lounge around in your favorite pajamas more often. Sleeping late is also great, but you might sometimes find it hard to fill up your time during the day. Boredom is a major problem for many kids right now. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix.

Start a Balloon Baseball Game

Balloons instantly make any activity feel like a party. Clear out some floor space in a room and make four bases. Then, have each member of your family take turns trying to hit the balloon by using their fist like a bat. If a hit is made, then that player tries to run around the bases while the rest of the group attempts to blow the balloon down to the ground. If they succeed, then that player is out. If not, then the batter scores and gets to go again.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of our favorite things to do at camp. Have the oldest member of the family create a list of items to find in the house. They can be common everyday items or special ones that are planted in hard to find places. Then, make a list and see which member of your group can find all of the items first.

Host a Karaoke Competition

Our camp talent shows are always a hit. Try recreating the experience by having each person in your family come up with a song to perform. Encourage everyone to go all out by dressing up as their favorite pop star or by wearing their silliest outfits. You can then take turns voting on the best one. For even more fun, make videos and invite your friends and extended family members to vote online.

Try Your Hand at Cup Stacking

Those plastic cups that everyone loves having around during the summer are perfect for cup stacking. Grab a set of them and experiment with different patterns. You can also invite your siblings to play with you side by side in a race to see who stacks the cups the fastest.

Freeze a Treasure for a Break the Ice Race

A few coins or trinkets and an ice cube tray are all you need to play this game. Fill the ice cube trays up with water and freeze the small prizes inside. Once they’re frozen, break them out. Each competitor can use straws or water droppers to slowly drip warm water on the ice until they break the prize out. You can let the winner take all or spread the prizes around.

See How Low You Can Go

Limbo is another camp favorite that can easily be set up at home with a simple twist. Instead of using a stick and poles, try using the beam of a flashlight instead. Just turn the lights off in the room and see which member of your family can shimmy their way beneath the lowest beam.

We can’t wait to have our camp family all in the same place again. Until then, have some fun with the extra time that you get to spend with your siblings and parents. Remember that some of the best memories are those unexpected ones that we make happen with our families.