written on Jan 29, 2019

Crafts are a favorite activity for kids at camp. Crafts allow them to develop new skills and show off their creativity. While kids at camp spend a lot of time on physical activities such as gymnastics and watersports, they also enjoy the mental relaxation that crafting provides.

Tie-Dye Everything

At summer camp, tie-dye practically becomes a uniform. Youngsters love showing off their favorite colors and designs on their t-shirts. Tie-dye is so popular at camp that older campers begin to experiment with advanced techniques These add even more excitement to this favorite activity. Dying fabric is also not confined to t-shirts. You may discover that your child has a sudden interest in tie-dying everything from bed sheets to bandanas and socks to use at camp.

Get Creative with Costumes

Some of the best kids’ crafts are wearable. Campers love making costumes to enhance the rest of their activities. From making floral wreaths to wear on their heads during a play, to crafting silly costumes to wear during a competition, with some fabric, paper and glue, kids can make just about anything they want to wear. It is not uncommon to see campers wearing their favorite handmade costumes as they go up a climbing wall or hike through the forest.

Make Beautiful Pottery

Young campers still enjoy making clay vases and mugs to bring home to their parents. While these introductory lessons teach kids the basics of learning how to make forms using clay, many campers continue with their classes to gain advanced skills that lead to a lifetime love of making pottery. Kids of every age seem to be attracted to making pottery since it allows almost complete freedom for self-expression. And the nature of clay allows room for them to experiment and alter their projects along the way.

Create Unique Jewelry

Kids love creating jewelry that allows them to express their unique personalities. The classic friendship bracelet never goes out of style. Whether your child loves braiding threads or stringing beads, you can bet that they will come home wearing at least a few pieces of their handcrafted jewelry. For many campers, making jewelry is a social activity that they enjoy doing in their cabins in the evenings with their bunkmates.

Paint Scenic Views

Outdoor wilderness camp provides ample opportunities for budding artists to get inspired by the changing landscape. During the summer, all it takes is a sparkling lake or gorgeous sunrise to get kids itching to apply paint to a canvas. They can also experiment with a variety of different mediums, such as oil paints or watercolors, to find the ones they love to work with the most. All campers love showing off their work in galleries at camp or during special events such as family days.

The time spent at camp is all about helping kids develop self-confidence along with interests that will spark a lifetime love for learning. From informal activities such as sketching in a notebook to formal lessons in painting and pottery, kids at camp enjoy a new craft experience each day.

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