written on Jul 04, 2018

While it can seem strange at first to share a cabin with kids that you don’t know, you’ll quickly discover how fast you form friendships when you use these tips to get along with your new group.

Understanding How Cabin Groups Are Picked

The staff at your camp has spent many years getting to know how to make the best cabin groups. Typically, there are about eight kids to a cabin with an adult counselor who helps to make sure that things run smoothly. In most cases, cabin groups are put together based upon age and gender, but you might be able to request having a friend share your cabin if you have someone special in mind.

Getting to Know Your New Cabin Mates

The first few days at camp are spent getting to know your new cabin mates, and you can do your part to get along by just being friendly. If you notice a new camper who looks homesick or shy, then say hello and invite them to take part in an activity. New campers can also make friends faster by introducing themselves right away, and your camp counselor will hold meetings that involve chances to get to know everyone.

Respecting Each Other’s Space

When multiple people share the same space, it’s important to learn how to respect personal boundaries. Since most cabins are just one big open room, a person’s bunk becomes their personal space. As you set up your bunk area, remember that you should avoid doing things that could upset your cabin mate. For instance, you should always ask if you can borrow something instead of taking it, even if the other person is your best friend.

Building a Lasting Bond

The best friendships are the ones that are based upon shared experiences. Your cabin group will host special events and activities such as competitions that give you all a chance to work together as a team. Be sure to take part in these activities, and remember that it’s often those special moments that you spend together in the evenings that help you build lasting friendships.

Learning How to Resolve Conflicts

Anytime multiple people share the same living space, conflicts can arise. While no one likes to get in an argument with their cabin mate, it is possible to quickly resolve the issue without hurting anyone’s feelings. If someone upsets you, avoid things such as name-calling that don’t help the issue. Instead, use your good communication skills to ask them to talk about the situation. For issues that are too hard to fix on your own, your camp counselor is always ready to give you both neutral advice that helps you renew your friendship.

Keeping Friendships Alive Between Camp Sessions

Sleeping in your own room feels weird after a summer at camp. After all, you get used to those late night chats and giggles before you fall asleep. Even though the summer eventually ends, that doesn’t mean that your friendships must wait until the next season. Before you leave camp, make plans to call each other or send texts so that you can keep your friendship going throughout the year.

Cabin life is a classic part of going to camp that gives you a chance to form long lasting friendships. Now that you know how to get along with your cabin mates, you can look forward to making new friends that make your summer the best.

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