written on May 29, 2018

As your kid heads to their favourite swimming hole this summer, you can enjoy knowing that they experience these benefits that come from diving into a natural lake.

The Water is Always Perfect

Whether your youngster loves a morning dip or prefers to soak up the afternoon sun, the water is always perfect. Lake water tends to be slightly cooler than the temperatures used in public swimming pools. This is perfect for stimulating blood circulation. Since lakes are chemical-free, kids also benefit from being exposed to fewer chemicals during their swims. And they never have to wait for the water to be tested and treated.

Strengthen Swimming Skills

Even on a calm day, lakes have currents and slight waves that change how swimmers maneuver their bodies through water. While public swimming pools are great for letting kids practice their skills in the other seasons, kids use their muscles in different ways when they swim in the lake. Once they get used to swimming against a current, their swimming times improve when they head to the competition pool at school. Additionally, a swimmer confident swimming in natural bodies of water is a safer swimmer overall.

Experience Other Watersports

Lakes are the primary venue for watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing. Activities that simply can’t be enjoyed at the local community pool. Learning how to do these types of sports gives kids a chance to elevate their swimming skills. And their swim sessions are never boring when they know that they have the chance to fly on top of the water on their water skis.

Learn to Appreciate Nature

Kids today often don’t get enough time out in nature. At summer camp, they spend hours outside. And the lake is one of the best places for them to make scientific discoveries. From watching as a bullfrog hops across the shore to catching a glimpse of trout swimming alongside them in the water, kids who take a dip in the lake become one with nature. Their newfound appreciation for nature also stimulates their interest in taking care of the environment. After all, they’d never want to let a piece of trash fly into their favorite swimming hole.

There’s Plenty of Room for Everyone

Public swimming pools get crowded every summer to the point that an active swimmer cannot even practice their favorite strokes. Lakes are expansive and have enough space for large numbers of kids to dive in and swim around. In fact, lake swimming quickly turns into a social activity once a few water toys such as inflatable rafts or surf bikes are thrown into the mix. Over the course of a summer, kids make new friends as they swim in the lake and build social skills that give them more confidence. If your youngster has never gone lake swimming, it is time for them to give it a try. From boosting their immune system to giving them a new way to expand their skills, your kid gains valuable benefits from lake swimming while they just think they are having fun.

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