written on Aug 19, 2020

Wheel of Awesome with Amie

Ready for some crafts? Amie teaches you how to make your very own wheel of awesome at home!

Here are the things that you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Plain paper
  • Colored/Printed papers
  • Scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Glue
  • Colored Tape
  • Push Pin or Nail

Stay tuned to the very end for a fun surprise!


Photo Scavenger Hunt with Anna

Ready to be moving up around your house or neighborhood? Write a few of your favorite things and walk to them and take a picture with them!

Join Anna for a photo scavenger hunt of her favorite things in and around her home and the city! Complete your own photo scavenger hunt any way you like!


Fitness Fun with Mckaylie

Start your day off with some fun moves with Mckaylie! She walks you through these easy and high energy routines! Don't forget to prepare your water bottle before doing the exercise.


Wreck-It Journals with Britt

Join along with Britt as she walks you through this fun arts and crafts activity, where you make a journal you're meant to wreck! Here are the things that you need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Plain Paper
  • Markers and Pens

During the process, you might get dirty, cover yourself in paint or any substances but you are guaranteed to have FUN!


Bobbin' Aerobics with Aliza

Ready for some movement? Join Aliza and get moving for this fun on land or in the water workout!


Fort Building with Jack

Everyone needs a cozy nook, right? Watch Jack build an epic fort, and then be sure to do the same! Building forts foster creativity in addition to fun too!


American Sign Language with Clara

Become more expressive by learning the American Sign Language. Learning this type of communication creates vivid imagery. Learn from Clara the American Sign Language alphabet, and some phrases and words!


Keep Ups with Jesse

Ready for some keep up coaching? Join in with Jesse and see how many keep ups you can get! All you just is a ball and you’re set!


Set-Up with Shaw

Impress your parents by setting up your dining table today. Need some help? We got you covered! Follow along with Shaw as he teaches you how to set up your dining room.


Milk Crate Mania with Michelle

Follow along with Michelle and her paper milk crate creation! The possibilities for the use of your milk crate are truly endless!


Magic Tricks with George

Become a magician yourself as George shows you how to do some nifty magic tricks!


Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box with Travis

Are you ready? Because we are!!!! Get on those feet with Travis and this classic Big Top warm up!


Kayaking with Sara

Who says you can’t kayak at home? Learn from Sara as she teaches you the key kayaking strokes. Grab a broom and give these a try on land.


Internet Island Campfire Song with Anna & Britt

Learn an all-new Internet Island Campfire Song with Anna & Britt. Our moves are inspired by Tik Tok, and our tune by Wadaliacha! Be sure to come ready to sing it next summer!


Week 5 Internet Island Recap

Check out what we got up to during our final week of Internet Island!