written on Feb 27, 2020

During their time at camp, your children get to enjoy the beautiful sense of relaxation that the lake provides. We also use the campers’ time at the lake to teach valuable life-saving water skills.

We start each day with a morning dip that prepares everyone for a schedule that is filled with some of these favorite action-packed activities.


For many kids, there is nothing more awesome than doing a flip after gliding across the water on a wakeboard!

Wakeboarding beginners start their lessons off on land. There, they learn how to hold the correct stance and balance their weight properly. Soon after that, they are allowed to venture out on the water. With close supervision, it doesn’t take long for them to learn skills from our counsellors, who all hold water safety certifications.

This water sport is right up there with wakeboarding for the most popular requests from campers.


Water skiing also takes some time to master. The effort children put into their lessons pays off when they are able to perform cool tricks for their friends and family during visitor days. This is also a great summertime sport for children who also love snow skiing.


A kayak offers the perfect boat for children to learn how to use on the lake. Since the lake has mostly calm waters, younger children get a chance to practice their paddling skills without challenging rapids.

Kayaking is also another fun summer camp activity that children can continue to enjoy when they get home.

Canoe Trips

Canoes let more people climb on board, which just increases the fun. Group canoe trips require campers to learn how to paddle together. We find that this activity is great for team building.

Canoe trips are our favourite way to go on a longer lake adventure. Campers also love canoe races, showing off their skills and ability to work as a team.

Aquatic Trampolining

Aspiring gymnasts don’t have to spend all of their time in the gym. Although a state-of-the-art gymnastics facility is awesome, there are also times when it helps to get outside. 

Inflatable water rebounders are the perfect outdoor substitute for traditional trampolines. Lake swimming also helps to strengthen gymnasts’ arms and legs, along with their core muscles.


Tubing combines the perfect amount of adventure with relaxation for children who aren’t quite yet ready to do water sports standing up.

Since we always do what we can to achieve maximum fun, we have inflatables that go far beyond the traditional inner tube style. Our tandem tube lets children ride with their best friend. We also have a couch style that turns tubing into a luxury experience.

As you can see, the list of fun things that your children get to do at camp is endless. All of these summer camp activities also teach your child to value life lessons that cultivate a healthy interest in spending time outdoors. 

This season, encourage your child to branch out and try something that they’ve never done before. They may just be the next big wakeboarding champion.