written on Oct 31, 2019

We’re so excited about the new setup that we just have to share a few of our favourite features for those who haven’t had a chance to experience them yet.

Get Ready to Flip Over New Tumbling Equipment

Power tumbling requires the right combination of body strength and quality flooring for athletes to hit the heights they need for complicated twists and flips. We’ve installed an 80-foot power tumbling rod that gives you tons of room to build up your momentum and perform long routines.

Since one tumbling rod isn’t enough, we’ve gone one step further to add the Rebound Power Track by Dave Ross. This track is world-renowned for being the best training aid for tumbling. It’s also the go-to track for professional circus performers and display teams.

Jump On the Chance to Advance in Trampolining

We’ve noticed that our trampoline athletes could jump all day if we let them. Now, we have four brand new 7x14 foot non-folding trampolines in our gym. These are the first and only non-frame trampolines that you can buy and still enjoy the same bounce quality of a competition model.

We also love that these trampolines were designed by Dave Ross, the Canadian Olympic Head Coach (and Director of our Trampoline Program for over 20 years), who knows what athletes need to be successful. Learning new tricks is safer and easier since each trampoline is outfitted with a bungee system and spotting belt rig.

Master Competition Gymnastics Elements

One thing that we knew for sure when we planned our gym is that we wanted it to look like an Olympic training facility. We’ve put in a completely new set of Spieth equipment so that you can improve your vault, bars and balance beam skills.

We’re also especially proud of our spring-loaded Berlin International Rings Frame. Practicing on the same style of equipment that you will see in other professional facilities gives you a competitive edge against other athletes.

Put a New Spin On Your Aerialist Routine

Our aerials program is rapidly becoming one of our most popular camp specialties. We’ve added six 20-foot silks for you to learn impressive performance tricks with that will dazzle your audience. There are also four hoops, a stable trapeze and pretty much everything that you could ever imagine you would need to fly through the air.

Oh yeah, we’ve also added new fitness poles for you to develop your abilities in this rapidly growing sector of aerial acrobatics. With pole fitness, the sky's the limit for developing routines that show off your upper body strength, balance and control.

When you come to check out our new gym, you’ll discover that it has everything that you could ever need or want. Whether you are training for competition level gymnastics, or dream of becoming an aerialist, there is no safer place to tackle your goals.

Our sports directors and coaches can’t wait to welcome you to our state-of-the-art gym, where you’ll be motivated to reach new heights in your athletic endeavors.

Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world!