written on Nov 01, 2017

There are some things you need to know about getting them involved in one of the most inclusive sports around the world.

It’s Safer Than Other Sports

Parents sometimes worry about their child’s safety when bows and arrows are involved. However, archery equipment and ranges are all designed with safety in mind.

New archers are taught the safety rules first such as always making sure that their shooting range is clear before releasing their arrow.

They are also encouraged to wear protective gear such as wrist guards. The guards are to prevent getting burned by the bow.

Since archery is a no-contact sport, archers enjoy a lower chance of getting hurt than if they played other group sports such as football.

Any Kid Can Play

Today, many sports are capable of being modified to fit the needs of a child with disabilities. However, archery is well-suited for kids with a wide range of abilities.

Whether your kid learns to pull their bow from a wheelchair or simply needs a less strenuous sport to avoid triggering their asthma, your child can benefit from taking part in an archery class.

In fact, this is one sport that allows each child to stand out based upon their individual achievements while still playing as part of a team.

Develop Greater Self-Discipline

Kids tend to have a natural sense of exuberance that is hard to contain. Archery classes at summer camp aim to help kids learn how to slow down and think before they act. As your child gains the ability to focus their mind completely on the task at hand, this newfound sense of self-discipline also translates to their other sports and academic studies.

Work Towards Goals

At first, learning to hold the bow correctly and maintain proper form takes work. Yet, kids quickly progress in their classes.

And, before they know it, they are beginning to set serious archery goals.

For example, your kid may choose to focus on hitting their target as they stand further distances away. Or they may set a goal to hit smaller targets.

Either way, learning to set and work toward goals gives your youngster skills that they will use for the rest of their life.

Strengthen Coordination

Successfully hitting a target requires a child to use their entire body to maintain proper form and draw back on the bow.

Kids will also improve their eye-hand coordination as they strive to hit the target.

And the core muscle workout helps them develop better posture and balance.

The best part is that they will hardly view this sport as exercise since they are so busy focusing on hitting the targets.

When you are looking for a new sport for your kids, it is important to carefully weigh factors such as the safety level and ease for a beginner to quickly begin to play.

Archery hits every point when it comes to making sure that your child can be successful in mastering their goals.

Enrolling them in archery classes gives them the best opportunities to exceed their wildest expectations.

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