written on Feb 03, 2020 by Anna Brady

A summer spent as a camp counselor is one that is bound to be full of adventure. On top of gaining valuable work experience, you get to spend your days enjoying the great outdoors.

You should also be proud of your position. We only pick the best of the best to join our team.

Our summer camp counselors stand out for being responsible and enthusiastic. They know that each camper looks to them as a role model, and a huge part of your job is making sure that every child feels safe in your care.

As you get ready for the summer, be thinking bout these 5 ways that you can be an outstanding counselor every day.

#1 Put Safety First

The parents of our campers trust you with their child’s safety around the clock. We’ll spend time covering the essentials of safety such as first aid and CPR throughout your time as a counselor.

However, we also want you to think about safety constantly. Keep an eye out for signs of an accident that could happen. If you notice a risk, then take action right away. We’d much rather prevent an accident than have someone get hurt on our watch.

#2 Make Your Campers the Priority

Every member of our staff is important, but the children are every adult’s priority.

It’s often the little things that make a huge difference. Make sure to connect with each of your campers individually each day. Get up early so that you can be ready before you give the children in the bunk their wake up call.

You’ll also want to take note of things, such as who looks homesick, so that you can give them that extra bit of encouragement that helps them feel better.

#3 Stay on Top of Your Game

Outstanding camp counselors also know how to take care of themselves. Try to avoid staying up too late. You’ll be more alert after a full night of sleep.

You should also do something during your breaks and time off that helps you relax. Write in your journal, send a letter to your family back home or just enjoy catching up with some of your peers.

#4 Lean On the Team

We’ve got a wonderful team of both experienced staff members and new counselors that are always willing to help. Let someone know if you come across an issue that you are not sure of how to handle. We can guarantee that someone nearby is ready to help you handle anything that arises such as a conflict between campers.

With so many combined years of experience under our belt, we’ve got tons of ideas to make sure that every camper and staff member has an awesome summer.

#5 Embrace Your Inner Child

It’s a serious job, but you should still have fun! Our campers love to see their counselors get silly. Feel free to let your inner child shine during skits, competitions and pretty much any moment of the day.

Many of our counselors come back year after year to continue making amazing memories for our campers. We look forward to having you on our team, and we can’t wait to make this summer season the best one ever!

Your summer spent as a summer camp counselor is one that you will never forget. We look forward to having you on our team, and we can’t wait to make this summer season the best one ever!