Top Winter Sports in Canada

Top Winter Sports in Canada

If there’s one thing that Canada is known for, it is long winters with tons of snowy weather. While people from other places may call it a snow day, we call it a chance to enjoy some serious fun.

Playing winter sports helps you to avoid cabin fever while keeping your skills sharp for the next summer at camp. These are just a few of our favourite Canadian games that will inspire you to get out there and play.


Playing Hockey

We had to put this one at the top of our list. It is the official national winter sport of Canada.

Hockey has been played for hundreds of years. However, the first official organized hockey game that was played indoors happened in 1875 in Montreal. When you think about it, this might explain why the Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any other team.

While hockey is officially played on an ice rink, we’ve also seen versions played outdoors using balls on solid ground.


Curling - a Top Sport in Canada

This is another sport that involves pushing an object across the ice. However, a curling stone is much bigger than a hockey puck. The World Curling Federation requires competition curling stones to weigh in between 38 and 44 pounds. A special broom is also used instead of a stick to guide the stone across the ice.

If you’ve ever tried curling, then you’ll also note that this is one sport that is harder than it looks from the spectator stands.


Canadian Lacrosse

This sport is fast, physical and able to be played either indoors or outside. At camp, you might have enjoyed playing lacrosse with your friends, and many students play on teams at school.

Interestingly, the earliest versions of lacrosse noted in history go way back to when Native Americans played the sport around 1100 AD. We also have Canadian dentist, William George Beers, to thank for establishing the Montreal Lacrosse Club in 1856.


Skiing in Canada

There are two main versions of skiing that we love to enjoy here in Canada. Downhill skiing is a fast paced and thrilling way to head down the mountain range. Cross-country skiing goes at a more leisurely pace, and you can enjoy this version no matter how old or experienced you are with the sport.

Skiing is also a recreational sport that people can enjoy as a fun way to spend their vacation or to take all the way to the competition level.


Dogsledding Across the Canadian Tundra

Every year, the combination of watching dogs and their human companions fly across a wintery landscape just turns our hearts to mush.

Dogsledding races range from short, fun jaunts that you can watch at local festivals to extreme multi-day endurance competitions.


Snowboarding - a Popular Canadian Sport

Here’s yet another sport that requires snow and a desire to push past your comfort zone. Snowboarding has become so popular that many of the top ski resorts are now dedicating runs specifically for people to hit the slopes with their boards.

We love the excitement that snowboarding offers, and our wakeboarding lessons help you prepare for all of those flips, jumps and twists.

The snow may be falling, and camping season may seem so far away. However, you can still get out there and enjoy an awesome game with your friends.

In fact, we can’t wait to hear you tell us all about your winter sports adventures when we welcome you back to camp.

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