The Contents of Your Duffel Bag...

As a first time camper (and sometimes as a weathered veteran) it is sometimes difficult to decide what you should pack in your camp duffel bag and what you should put aside until you get home.  Here are some hints and tips that will hopefully help you solve any packing dilemmas you are facing!

 Great Items to Bring to Camp:

  • Full rain gear – remember that the fun at camp doesn’t stop if some rain comes our way (or liquid sunshine as we like to refer to it!).
  • A cheap and cheerful “camp” watch – having a watch is the best way to make sure that you are on time for activities and mealtimes.
  • Mini games and activities are fun to play with your cabin group – a book and a teddy are also nice for bedtime.

 Items to Leave at Home:

  • Leave portable music players and games at home – camp is all about building relationships with others and living communally. Not only are electronic devices not suited to the outdoor living style of camp, but, more importantly, these devices isolate campers and take away from the full camp experience.
  •  Leave make-up and perfume at home.  Mosquitoes love the smell and you definitely don’t want to be attracting them!  Furthermore, we have way more fun and important things to be doing at camp than worrying about make-up.
  • Forget the bag of candy and junk food – we have plenty of food at camp and you don’t want squirrels searching through your stuff to find the food, take my word for it!
  • Remember that camp is not a fashion show – it is a place to have fun and get dirty, so leave those designer clothes at home.

Finally, remember to label all of your clothes.  Things invariably get left around camp and the cabin, but having you name on them helps them find their way back to you – with help from the lost and found show of course!

A more detailed packing list can be found on the website so check that out too.  I hope these hints and tips have been useful, and have helped you understand why some items are just better left at home!

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