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Awesome Wakeboarding Tricks for Kids

Wakeboarding lessons are one of the most popular activities at Canadian Adventure Camp. Kids are eager to learn how to stand up and start performing tricks. However, wakeboarding lessons start on land. This is where they… View More

Developing Teamwork at Summer Camp

  The power of teamwork is evident throughout each day at summer camp as kids discover how working with other campers enhances their experience. Today, cultivating a team mindset in your child is increasingly important since they will be expected to work with others on group… View More

Aerial Acrobatics - Soar Through the Air at Summer Camp

Kids love aerial acrobatics and it is easy to see why. While most sports require kids to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, this one allows them to soar through the air while performing tricks that leave their friends and family members amazed. Today, aerial acrobatics is becoming… View More

Archery - A New Sport for Your Kids

Archery is one sport that is currently surging in popularity! While bows and arrows have always fascinated kids, your child can also take their interest to a new level by engaging in archery competitions. They might just be curious about the sport or actually interested in becoming a competitive archer. There are… View More

The Lifetime Value of Summer Camp

The lessons learned at summer camp last far longer than a single season. After all, the activities kids engage in at camp are designed to stimulate learning and character development that influences the rest of their life. Kids also build upon the skills that they learned the previous summer when they… View More

Choosing a Gymnastics Program for Your Child

Kids love the challenges presented by gymnastics, and you can enjoy knowing that the gymnast in your family is strengthening their confidence as well as their body in every lesson. However, you also know that gymnastic… View More

You know you’re obsessed with camp life when…

We’re now in the very last session of our summer camp this year and even though we’re extremely sad that it’s almost over, we’re looking back over the summer with big smiles and a whole lot of love. Every year we feel the same bittersweet feelings as camp comes to a close but so many of us are… View More

The Best Summery Food for Summer Camp

We’re now in the final month of our summer camp on Adventure Island, which means we’re savouring every moment. And this session we’re thinking about savouring the delicious food we have here and debating which ones are the most perfect for the summer season. We love all the foods and dishes at Canadian Adventure Camp, of course, but there are a select few that are our favourites and that we relish on a hot day. And the… View More

Activities For All

With our second session already well on its way, we’ve been thinking about the incredible variety of activities here on Adventure Island. Our camp is renowned for its awesome programmes and the plethora of different activities we have to offer. But many people seem to wonder which ones, exactly,… View More

Our Camp Top 10

Summer camp. The best part of summer vacation. The thing we spend all year looking forward to. There are so many amazing things about camp, especially Canadian Adventure Camp. And, of course, we love every second, minute and hour of the day here. But, just for our fantastic campers and past… View More