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Getting Along with Summer Camp Cabin Mates

Your cabin mates are the people that you spend the most time with at camp, and you may just find your future best friend sleeps in the bunk next to yours. While it can seem strange at first to share a cabin with kids that you don’t know, you’ll quickly discover how fast you form… View More

What Makes Lake Swimming Perfect for Summer?

There is no better way to kick off the summer than with a run and jump into the nearest lake. Whether your kid loves flying on the Tarzan swing or slowly easing into the water from the shore, lake swimming provides them with tons of opportunities to strengthen their health and engage in a whole… View More

Preparing Your Child Emotionally for Summer Camp

Summer camp represents independence and freedom for kids who embrace the opportunity to spend several weeks away from home. Yet, new and younger campers sometimes need a little help getting over those jitters that accompany trying something new. Now that the opening date for summer camp is just… View More

Hosting Your Own Campfire at Home

Campfires ignite a sense of camaraderie among family and friends that fills the heart with warmth and there is just something amazing that happens when everyone gathers around the fire pit for a sing-a-long. Kids often request a campfire at home during the months when summer camp is NOT in session, and it’s… View More

How Important is 'Unplugging' to Children?

Kids today are inundated with technology, and parents often find it difficult to know how to determine when it has all become too much.   While smartphones and laptops have definite benefits for helping kids stay in touch with their loved ones and complete homework, there are also downsides… View More

Is Summer Camp Counselor a Job for You?

Summer camp counselors play a vital role at camp by helping each kid in their cabin get the most out of each day’s experiences.   While many young campers aspire to be a counselor, the truth is that it takes a special kind of person to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of… View More

The Importance of Camper-to-Staff Ratio

The search for the perfect camp for your child involves researching factors such as the programs that are offered as well as the location.   While outdoor activities and sports programs are what make summer camp so exciting, you should also keep in mind that the camper-to-staff ratio… View More

10 Things You'll Miss About Summer Camp

Every moment at camp is so packed full of fun that those first few minutes of homesickness quickly fade away.   Yet, you may not really expect to miss so much about camp once you return home. Here’s just a few of the things that you’ll find yourself missing about summer camp as you wait… View More

Most Loved Kids' Crafts at Summer Camp

Crafts are a favorite activity for kids at camp. Crafts allow them to develop new skills and show off their creativity. While kids at camp spend a lot of time on physical activities such as gymnastics and watersports, they also enjoy the mental relaxation that crafting provides. Summer campers are exposed to… View More

Memories for a Lifetime - Summer Camp Journals

Going to camp gives kids the opportunity to create beautiful memories of summers spent making new friends and enjoying new adventures. Among the… View More