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The Amazing Benefits of Trampolining

The joys of trampolining are evident just by watching as kids fly through the air. Yet, you may not realize just how much each flip and jump is doing for their mind and body.  These amazing benefits of trampolining will have you eager to get started on learning new tricks that you can show off to your… View More

Channel Your Inner Cirque du Soleil with Silks and Hoops Programs

Cirque du Soleil is world-renowned for their professional acrobatic performances. Each show somehow manages to create a magical world that captivates audiences from beginning to end. The performance troupe was first formed in the 1980s, and it didn’t take long for them to gain worldwide… View More

Summer Camp Games to Play at Home

Spending so much time at home has a few perks. There’s more time to spend with your family, and you get to lounge around in your favorite pajamas more often. Sleeping late is also great, but you might sometimes find it hard to fill up your time during the day. Boredom is a major problem… View More

Being a 'Twinkie' Summer Camp Counsellor

It’s funny how different Summer Camp Counsellors are meant to be with certain cabins. Being a Camp Counsellor to any group of campers is the best job in the world, but once you do a summer in one cabin, you can’t imagine being with any other age group. I’m a Twinkie counsellor (the youngest group of campers). My group of… View More

Favorite Summer Camp Lake Activities

Filling up those long, summer days with fun is not hard when you have a lake nearby! Our amazing summer camp, located on Adventure Island, puts us in the perfect place for our campers to enjoy Lake Temagami.  During their time at camp, your children get to enjoy the beautiful sense of… View More

5 Tips on Being an Outstanding Summer Camp Counselor

A summer spent as a camp counselor is one that is bound to be full of adventure. On top of gaining valuable work experience, you get to spend your days enjoying the great outdoors.  You should also be proud of your position. We only pick the best of the best to join our… View More

How Summer Camp for Teens Develops Leadership Skills

How Summer Camp for Teens Develops Leadership Skills  1. Develop Conflict Resolution Skills 2. Boost Confidence Through Taking Risks 3. Observe Leadership from Positive Role Models 4. Participate in… View More

Top Winter Sports in Canada

If there’s one thing that Canada is known for, it is long winters with tons of snowy weather. While people from other places may call it a snow day, we call it a chance to enjoy some serious fun. Playing winter sports helps you to avoid cabin fever while keeping… View More

Check Out Our New Gym!

One of our biggest goals for Canadian Adventure Camp is to make each summer better than the last. We also aim to do everything we can to promote safety while encouraging campers to seek out new challenges. Last spring, we were able to… View More

How Summer Camps for Teens Develop Leadership Skills

Parents are often surprised at how much their kids can change over a single summer at camp. Many teens begin the summer shy and a little nervous about going away to camp. But they tend to go home with a newfound sense of confidence that they carry with them when it is time to go back to… View More