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Goodbye LIT Summer...Hello Youth Leadership Program!

The former Leader in Training program was an integral part of a summer at Canadian Adventure Camp. It was a big moment for our 17-year-olds who had spent summer after summer at CAC as a camper. They were now taking the next step in their camp journey, spending 8 weeks developing leadership… View More

Internet Island Week 5!

Wheel of Awesome with Amie Ready for some crafts?  Amie teaches you how to make your very own wheel of awesome at home!  Here are the things that you need:  Cardboard Plain paper Colored/Printed papers Scissors  Colored… View More

Internet Island Week 4!

Indoor Archery with George Join George in a unique and innovative way to get your archery fill while playing indoors! Here are the things you need to get started:  Scratch paper  Elastic band - your firing device  Target Let's see your… View More

Internet Island Week 3!

Chateaux CAC with Surya Be mesmerized as Surya tours you in a lovely vineyard. After the short fun tour, get ready to learn how to make the classic drink from Skip meal, Chateaux CAC! Have lots of fun with it and all you'll need is:  Water Juice of your… View More

Internet Island Week 2!

Graces with Michelle, Ash, & Clair Bring the spirit of the dining hall to your kitchen with 3 classic graces, brought to you by Michelle, Clair, and Ash!  Fill my cup I wanna be more thankful  Brown Cow Grace  Don't forget to teach the whole… View More

Internet Island Week 1!

Despite recent events, it’s possible to enjoy summer camp at home...Canadian Adventure Camp has opened its free virtual camp door to everyone. CAC campers - invite your friends and family to join the fun! Our program is targeted for kids age 5 to 17 and their… View More

Summer Fun on Internet Island

When it was announced that overnight camps would not be running this summer, a wave of disappointment and sadness came over the CAC family and the whole camp community. We count down months, weeks, days until we can get back to our favourite island but now we had to wait even longer.  While summer 2020 wasn’t… View More

The Amazing Benefits of Trampolining

The joys of trampolining are evident just by watching as kids fly through the air. Yet, you may not realize just how much each flip and jump is doing for their mind and body.  These amazing benefits of trampolining will have you eager to get started on learning new tricks that you can show off to your… View More

Channel Your Inner Cirque du Soleil with Silks and Hoops Programs

Cirque du Soleil is world-renowned for their professional acrobatic performances. Each show somehow manages to create a magical world that captivates audiences from beginning to end. The performance troupe was first formed in the 1980s, and it didn’t take long for them to gain worldwide… View More

Summer Camp Games to Play at Home

Spending so much time at home has a few perks. There’s more time to spend with your family, and you get to lounge around in your favorite pajamas more often. Sleeping late is also great, but you might sometimes find it hard to fill up your time during the day. Boredom is a major problem… View More