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How Summer Camps for Teens Develop Leadership Skills

Parents are often surprised at how much their kids can change over a single summer at camp. Many teens begin the summer shy and a little nervous about going away to camp. But they tend to go home with a newfound sense of confidence that they carry with them when it is time to go back to school.  One of our goals every summer is to see… View More

Quick Guide to Blogging Your Summer Camp Adventures

Your summer camp adventure is too good to keep to yourself! Blogging is a great way to get your story out there for everyone to read.  You’ll also find that sharing your story reminds you of all of the amazing things that you learned this summer at camp. Once you get home and plug back in, you can use this quick guide to… View More

Highlights of Summer Camp 2019

Every year feels like the best year ever, and we have definitely outdone ourselves in 2019!  This year, we watched as both new and returning campers quickly formed bonds and kept us all entertained with inside jokes, friendly competitions and some serious fun.  These are just a few of the highlights of this season’s camp… View More

Summer Camp Sun Safety Tips

Our campers love starting each new day with a morning dip that gets them revved up for summer fun, and this is just the beginning of their time in the sun! We frequently spend the majority of the day outside, where kids engage in exciting adventures and experience the beauty of nature. Although our camp staff works hard to… View More

How to Soothe Your Nervous Camper

As overnight summer camp draws closer, it is normal for most kids to feel a little nervous about leaving home. First-time and younger campers are more prone to feeling anxious about camp, but you might also find that even your experienced camper demonstrates some hesitation.  While we all know… View More

5 Top Questions to Ask About Overnight Summer Camp

Sending your child to an overnight camp is a huge step toward helping them develop independence. Naturally, you have a lot of questions, and it is important to have all of them answered.  These are five of the top questions that parents tend to ask about summer camp, along with the… View More

Why No Cell Phones Are Allowed at Summer Camp

Our program at Canadian Adventure Camp is designed to give kids a sense of freedom after an academic year filled with rules. In fact, we even break a few rules that your kids followed while they were at school. Running and socializing are actively encouraged here.  We’re also pretty sure that wearing swimsuits and shorts all day… View More

Ensuring Your Child's Safety at Overnight Summer Camp

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance when they are away at camp.   Your first step is to make sure that the camp you choose is accredited, since this shows that the program and staff have demonstrated their ability to adhere to rigorous safety standards.   As you get ready to enroll your child in… View More

Packing for Overnight Summer Camp

Every year represents a new opportunity to hit the lake and spend some of the most memorable moments with your friends.   While opening day is drawing closer, we can practically feel the excitement in the air as campers begin their yearly packing ritual!   To help you make sure… View More

New! Aerial Silks and Hoop Skills at Summer Camp

Aerial silks and hoops have recently become a source of fascination for older kids and teens, and it only takes a few minutes of watching a performer’s gravity-defying stunts to develop an appreciation for this up and coming blend of sports and performance… View More