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The Contents of Your Duffel Bag...

As a first time camper (and sometimes as a weathered veteran) it is sometimes difficult to decide what you should pack in your camp duffel bag and what you should put aside until you get home.  Here are some hints and tips that will hopefully help you solve any packing dilemmas you are facing! Great Items to Bring to Camp:Full rain gear – remember that the fun at camp doesn’t stop if… View More

Our Camp Top 10

Summer camp. The best part of summer vacation. The thing we spend all year looking forward to. There are so many amazing things about camp, especially Canadian Adventure Camp. And, of course, we love every second, minute and hour of the day here. But, just for our fantastic campers and past… View More

Activities For All

With our second session already well on its way, we’ve been thinking about the incredible variety of activities here on Adventure Island. Our camp is renowned for its awesome programmes and the plethora of different activities we have to offer. But many people seem to wonder which ones, exactly,… View More

The Best Summery Food for Summer Camp

We’re now in the final month of our summer camp on Adventure Island, which means we’re savouring every moment. And this session we’re thinking about savouring the delicious food we have here and debating which ones are the most perfect for the summer season. We love all the foods and dishes at Canadian Adventure Camp, of course, but there are a select few that are our favourites and that we relish on a hot day. And the… View More

Quick Guide to Blogging Your Summer Camp Adventures

Your summer camp adventure is too good to keep to yourself! Blogging is a great way to get your story out there for everyone to read.  You’ll also find that sharing your story reminds you of all of the amazing things that you learned this summer at camp. Once you get… View More

Internet Island Week 2!

Graces with Michelle, Ash, & Clair Bring the spirit of the dining hall to your kitchen with 3 classic graces, brought to you by Michelle, Clair, and Ash!  Fill my cup I wanna be more thankful  Brown Cow Grace  Don't forget to teach the whole… View More