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Internet Island Week 5!

Wheel of Awesome with Amie Ready for some crafts?  Amie teaches you how to make your very own wheel of awesome at home!  Here are the things that you need:  Cardboard Plain paper Colored/Printed papers Scissors  Colored… View More

Internet Island Week 4!

Indoor Archery with George Join George in a unique and innovative way to get your archery fill while playing indoors! Here are the things you need to get started:  Scratch paper  Elastic band - your firing device  Target Let's see your… View More

Internet Island Week 3!

Chateaux CAC with Surya Be mesmerized as Surya tours you in a lovely vineyard. After the short fun tour, get ready to learn how to make the classic drink from Skip meal, Chateaux CAC! Have lots of fun with it and all you'll need is:  Water Juice of your… View More